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Different Dog Moods: Canine Emotions determined by the Inupathy collar


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Inupathy collar monitors the animal’s heart rhythms and displays whether they are calm, excited, happy or concentrating. It can also be used by owners to hear beyond the bark and learn how to manage stressful environments.

[VIDEO]: Bored? Just look at these different emotions of dogs – happy, smiling, sad, grumpy, funny and more. Your judgement may be wrong as per the displayed emotions. Inupathy collar can help. Read the article.

Creator of Inupathy Collar

The device’s co-creator, Joji Yamaguchi, says he invented the device because he wanted to gain a better understanding of his dog’s emotions.

Misjudging our dog’s emotions

How often do you wrongly interprets your dog’s bar as being unfriendly when it just wanted to say hello? Inupathy can make you certain on how to react then. However, it did not reach the market yet as per this time of writing.

Technology is for all

Technology s not only for people to use. Dogs can use them too. If it makes the tasks of a human easier, then it is a brilliant invention.

Dogs’ emotions are compared to that of humans

Misconception can arise when the actions done by the dog is interpreted based on how a human would do it. Yes, they do feel what we feel but animals have their own body language too. Dog experts might know these but often, most people do not guess the right emotions displayed by their dogs.

Communication gap in determining moods

Devices like the Inupathy collar can bridge the gap in interpreting dog moods. The question is if it available in your country. Since this can be done, perhaps local inventions can follow through.

Handling Various Moods

Dogs can be moody but if you do not have the Inupathy collar, just stick to the basic. Excessive moods can be signs of being anti-social, anxiety or simply seeking attention. Give them that.

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