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Dilawans Must Learn from Toni Talks’ Host on Fairness

Toni Talks

By: Elena Grace Flores

Toni Gonzaga: People have Stories to Tell
Toni Talks’ host, Toni Gonzaga said that she does not categorize people she interviewed. Her stand is that: People have stories to tell. No matter how good, bad, or cancelled they are, each has a story to share. And we can all learn from them. No matter how bad their stories are.

They are Human Beings

Human beings must be treated with utmost fairness. Regardless of where they are coming from. For a show like Toni Talks, powerful stories matter. Because they are the drivers of its popularity online. Others who have the guts to criticize her must start their own vlog. Then see, if it works for them. Just like Toni Talks.

Where is Democracy amongst the Dilawans

Talking about democracy is one thing but doing it is another thing. Dilawans must walk their talk. If they value democracy then, they should not suppress freedom of expression. Why can’t they allow Bongbong Marcos to air his truth? Is there something they are scared of?

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