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DILG Post is Bongbong Marcos’ Grooming Spot for 2022 Presidential Bid


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ben Tulfo defends Bongbong Marcos on speculations that his appointment as DILG Secretary will groom him to run for the 2022 Presidential elections. Tulfo reiterated that the fear of the yellow faction is based on their own doings. They installed Mar Roxas as ex-Pnoy’s DILG Secretary but despite alleged cheating, he was still unsuccessful to become president. Why contradict Marcos this time?

Youtube video by; BITAG OFFICIAL
[VIDEO]: Anong mali kung si Bongbong ang ilagay sa DILG?

Use of Powerful Post

ACT Teachers party-list Representative France Castro echoes the Liberal Party fear that Marcos will use his power in the DILG Department for his presidential bid just like their own bet, Roxas. The post will make Marcos influential among the police force and local government units that can earn him massive votes if he performs well.

Grassroots Level Influence

During elections, influence at the grassroots level through local executives is vital for a candidate to win. However,  based on Roxas’ experience, he cannot do much if the majority of the people do not like him. They blame it on Roxas’ lack of charisma contrary to Marcos.

Ben Tulfo’s Take

What is wrong with it? Ben Tulfo asked. The Liberal Party people can only link Marcos with martial law abuses. They did not take into consideration his achievements as governor, senator, or public servant as a whole. The people are more knowledgeable now about the past thus explains the concern of the yellow politicians who are allegedly power-hungry, said Tulfo.


Perhaps, Leni Robredo now realizes that the more she contradicts the president, the more she will be bashed via social media. Now, she’s taking another strategy telling the media that she would respect the president’s decision over the DILG appointment of Bongbong Marcos.

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