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Diokno, Educate the Youth about Marcos or Brainwash?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s all about the money for the Liberal Party – but the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos is smarter than that. He outsmarted the leaders that took over his position for three consecutive terms. Now that he is laid to rest in the Libingan ng mga Bayani together with his war comrades, he can rest in peace. Now, the public knows that he did not steal anything. Instead, he made sure that the wealth for humanity remain for the benefit of the Filipinos through the World Bank.

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[VIDEO]: Resigned National Historical Commission of the Philippines chairperson Maria Serena Diokno said the next step beyond the rallies is to continue educating the youth about Martial Law. Other historians and educators agree with her proposal. Historian Xiao Chua said an interesting way to teach this part of history is to let the victims speak in class.

Truthful Martial Law History

If it’s the truth that the Liberal Party is after, history books should contain the following”

  • Martial Law saved the country from chaos.
  • It prevented the country from becoming a communist nation.
  • The Liberal Party members were the culprits.
  • Ninoy Aquino started the media propaganda against Marcos
  • Marcos did not steal anything but provided quality public services and infrastructures to the Filipinos and more.

Return the money, Jim Paredes?

You can really sense that Jim Paredes is only after the money. He can be evaluated in his manner of speaking against the Marcoses. It is obvious that he does not have the wisdom like Enrile who is more credible in speaking about the Martial Law regime.

Diokno is not into Educating Millenials

In the real sense of the world, resigned National Historical Commission of the Philippines chairperson Maria Serena Diokno is not for the true history. He is only after the promotion of her own interests and not for the good of the nation. Worst, she vowed to poison young minds.

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The Truth will Prevail

The growing number of Bongbong Marcos’ followers is the proof that the people in the Philippines are already aware of the Liberal Party lies. The good thing is, they are doing something about it. Not letting this poisonous yellow race to dominate the country again.

2 thoughts on “Diokno, Educate the Youth about Marcos or Brainwash?

  1. I agree that President Marcos is the best President I had when I was a young Registered Nurse. After taking my Nursing Board Exam given by Professional Regulations Commission, President Marcos has a program for us to do work and practice what we learn in school by assigning us to different locations in the Phillipines woth a stipend. No graduate Nurse in that time is jobless. I am one of the lucky Nurses that I choose to work in a dangerous area at that time in Mindanao. The Department of health approve our chosen areas for they let us give 3 priorities area to work with. I landed in Davao City. I first work in Davao Mental Hospital for about 2 weeks then Director Gahol withdraw me and my classmate from there, assign us to the Davao Regional Hospital. I finish our 6 months tour of duty in that Hospital. I at first was assigned in the Emergency room and have my own Pharmacy where supplies are well provided for with best medicines a patient can have. Most of the medications coming from well known Pharmaceutical companies from U.S. A. Patients medicines are free for all. As a Nurse you are inspired to work for all patients are taken cared of as to supply of medicines and health professionals.After my 6 months term of rural health practice, I was able to enter the Phillipine Army Hospital in Fort Bonifacio. President Marcos takes good care of the Armed Forces too, free hospitalization and medication as well as their benefits.He is the best for me. I also work in the Department of Health in their health centers were immunization for infants and children were complete and free.After Marcos, I saw chaos in General Hospitals were patients were given doctors prescription to buy medicines outside hospital for the hospital pharmacy were empty, not even hospital supplies like papers where Doctors write for the patient admitting history. At this chaotic time of the government hospital, I work as an Industrial Nurse in one American based Company and we donate supplies to the government hospital including painting their rustef hospital beds and adopting one unit, refurbishing it to give a new look to the unit making patients more comfortable.

  2. What Noemi B. Ramas said above is very true! If I’m not mistaken, there was also the same program for the teachers.
    All the government employees also was required to do rural services.

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