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Do you Want a Unifying President Who can Lead the Country to Progress?


By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Robredo’s Hate
The outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo will fight for the presidency to block one man. This is according to her own speech. While her staunch rival Bongbong Marcos aims for unity to lead the country to progress. The latter was very precise in his intentions for the Filipino people. That together, they will rise from the current challenges and in the future.

Yellow to Pink

The change of color is a clear indication that the Dilawans knew their unpopularity. As the chairman of the Liberal Party, Robredo runs as an independent candidate carrying the pink color. This means that she won’t hesitate abandoning her ship when it sinks. She just have to change her skin.

Fooling the People

Once again the Dilawans attempt to fool the people. Robredo is still their political prostitute. Her campaign manager is Bam Aquino, who is a real Aquino, an original Dilawan by blood. Despite the change of skin, the Dilawan smell is evident. Like the saying; a pig is a pig regardless of what clothes she’s wearing. take your pick.

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