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DOJ Sec Aguirre Supports Alvarez’ Bid to Impeach Robredo Despite the President’s Opinion


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II reveals that Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez would proceed with the impeachment bid against Leni Robredo. This is after the President called on allies in Congress to drop the plan as mentioned also to her. Aguirre said the President’s stand that there should be no impeachment of top executives after less than a year of work was his mere  personal opinion.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: SOJ Aguirre, suportado ang paghahain ng Impeach VP Robredo Complaint ni Speaker Alvarez

Congress’ Decision

Impeachment involves the power and discretion of Congress. The impeachment process will be a congressional call. Not the President’s call at all, Aguirre explained. He said that he supports the impeachment complaint against Robredo based on her video message which is critical to the administration’s drug war. It was then sent to the United Nations commission side event on narcotics drugs.

Impeachment Complaint Filed against Robredo

An impeachment complaint against Robredo was already filed by Marcos loyalist and constant impeachment complainant Oliver Lozano. Another group of lawyers and academics that supports the administration is also preparing another complaint against the Vice President. She said, that she has not received copies of the complaint documents.

Aguirre Agrees with Alvarez

Alvarez believes that the Vice President has betrayed public trust in her video message to the UN event. Betrayal of public trust is one of the grounds under the Constitution for the impeachment of an official. The law and political experts both consider it as a numbers game. She humiliated the Philippines before the international community with her false accusations. That is not only damaging to the country’s image, but it certainly affects the economy as well, Aguirre added.


More Government Officials Join In

More government officials criticize Robredo’s actions. This includes Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo saying that what she did is bad for Tourism. PAGCOR Chair Andrea Domingo also faces an international audience telling them not to believe the Vice President because she maligns the country. At the rate it is going, Robredo is very successful in generating hatred from peers in government service. How much more in the public in general?

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