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Donate Blood while You Can

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
If you qualify, donate blood while you can especially those who have rare blood types like +AB. When it is needed, it really doesn’t matter how much it will cost – for as long as, there is an available stock. The sad part is when you have all the money and connections but no blood type of the same sort is in store! We can forget politics orĀ  overpricing that might be happening but the Philippine Red Cross is still the best blood bank you can donate to.

It is clearly posted at the Red Cross counters that blood is for free. The only thing that is not complimentary is the processing fee which will cost around 1, 100 Pesos per bag. Donations are however welcome and many find it that when you have a donation card, you are prioritized. Nonetheless, this is not true to all who experienced availing blood from the facility. It is just rightful however to donate whatever you can afford to keep the Red cross operation going!

Note also that when you avail for donated blood from the Red Cross to get the Doctor’s Request form from the hospital with all the details of the required blood – because no blood bags can be released without it. Also, patience is needed when picking up even reserved blood bags from the Red Cross – because you may never know if what you requested can come before or after the others who are waiting with you.

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