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Doubting the Marcos-Duterte Alliance? Look at Imee and Sara


By: Elena Grace Flores
by PolitikoTV Channel

Senator Imee Marcos Teams Up with Mayor Sara Duterte

Marcos and Duterte Alliance

Political maneuvers may be rampant online. But one thing is certain. Senator Imee Marcos and Davao Mayor Sara Duterte are always together. This is something that the mainstream media do not feature. However, things like these can never escape social media. That’s what freedom of information is all about. The alliance between the two families is burning like fire!

Powerful Women

They say that behind a successful man is a powerful woman. Such as the Marcos-Duterte alliance. Their goal in 2016 remains the same. They just play the game of politics. In the end, they would do their purpose of making the Philippines great again. Investments are obvious for this connection. Although its nature is always for the benefit of the Filipino majority. So, people must look at the actions. Not what the propaganda says. This is the kind of wisdom that voters must have for 2022.

Political Strategies

The alliance is not concern about who’s running President or Vice President. But the end goal is to put Bongbong Marcos into the presidency. Whatever it takes. They have the statistics and in touch with people’s sentiments. Definitely wiser this time. They will be very hard to beat. That’s for sure.

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