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Drug Menace already proven with killings – will the government takes care of the surviving families?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said President Duterte was also worried about the rising drug killings involving the police. Duterte’s campaign being promoted even before he took the presidential oath of office is so effective with the price money that the number of deaths among suspected drug criminals are now getting out of hand.

The government is not only responsible in stopping crimes – but also to take care of its citizens whether they are good or bad. Killing a drug criminal will not stop the illegal trade. Somebody in the group can always continue it – inspired by the hatred of survivors towards the government’s drastic move.

One very big question is, will Duterte’s administration help the victims’ surviving family members? Is there a planned strategy on how to reach out to them so that they can be rehabilitated before they have gone worst as the society’s enemy number one? This is one thing that human rights groups must initiate instead of just criticizing the president through the media. Afterall, it’s the government’s job to improve its citizens’ standard of living whether they like it or not.


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