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Duterte Advised Communist Rebels to Execute Drug Criminals

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many were surprised when Duterte called on communist rebels while waging one of Asia’s longest insurgencies to kill drug lords on top of civilians deemed to have committed so-called crimes against the people – to speed up the solution to our problem. This is unlikely thinking that Duterte is a lawyer and former city prosecutor but quite understandable when you are exposed to the lives of these insurgents and knew how kangaroo courts function in their area. He disclosed this in a speech before the military’s event in Manila.

The communists has 4,000 soldiers under the strong New People’s Army. Their summary executions are illegal but that can be in line with Duterte’s killing drug addicts plea to citizens if their lives are in danger – which is still being debated to be legal on the ground of “self defense”.

These drug culprits are destroying our children; Duterte said. Human rights groups noted that former communist rebels and hired assassins—have killed more than 1,000 people under the popularized death squad in Davao. Amnesty International said that Duterte somewhat encouraged the death squad existence during the campaign period but now that he is already the President, he must pledge to honor the country’s obligations under international law.


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