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Duterte, Binay and Bongbong Marcos Head On Back to the Golden Era

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The government can only do so much. President Rodrigo Duterte may have the political will to make Filipino lives better in his own way, he needs help. This is why even before the elections, the Liberal Party oppositions unite and formed the Binay-Marcos-Duterte alliance. They join hands for the benefit of the Filipino people. Bongbong Marcos is the bearer of their alliance in the near future.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: No one can deny the economic growth of the country during Martial Law. It is indeed the golden era of Marcos.

The Ferdinand E. Marcos Platform

The Marcos era is no doubt the golden age of the Philippines. Detractors tried to discredit this using media propaganda but they are counter-acted by real Filipino witnesses through social media. The time has come that the media cannot manipulate society anymore. The Binay-Marcos-Duterte alliance follows the political platform of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Dignified Land Reforms

Giving lands and teaching people how to use it was the strategy of Marcos to aid the government’s initiative in propagating economic progress. This is not just mere actions of disposing lands. The farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs were provided with credit facility and access to tools, processes and training to make sure that their livelihood will be managed well.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

This cannot be denied that the Filipino masses comprised of the urban poor were given a decent life during the Marcos era. The Minimum wage from 7 pesos was increased to 15 pesos. It’s 50% labor pay rise. Inflation which is the enemy of the poor is down from 44% to 7%.

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There was no Middle Class before Marcos

Before Marcos, the gap between rich and poor was too wide. Due to his economic projects, professionals, entrepreneurs, small to medium business people emerged composing the so-called middle class who are educated and have stable job or income sources. These are dignified people that Binay nurtured in Makati, Bongbong Marcos in Ilocos and Duterte in Davao initially. Now, they are doing it nationwide.

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