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Duterte-Bongbong-Binay Alliance Showing Off

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Probabilities of the unlikely alliance between incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, outgoing Senator Bongbong Marcos and outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay are now starting to be showing off – through their comments, actions and reactions to the massive fraud orchestrated allegedly by the Liberal Party as revelealed by Political King Maker Pastor Boy Saycon of Copa from the Binay-Marcos faction.

Public reactions of disbelief cannot be hidden from anti or even pro Duterte voters of his boycotting his own proclaimation with all sorts of excuses that are not acceptable to many. Not wanting to hurt his alliance with Bongbong Marcos by giving Leni Robredo a cabinet post is another blow.

The question as to where this Duterte-Marcos-Binay via Pastor Boy Saycon alliance will lead us to – remains a mystery. One thing is very certain however, that the Philippines – the so-called Pearl of the Orient is heading towards the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy – where the promise land is!


2 thoughts on “Duterte-Bongbong-Binay Alliance Showing Off

  1. its good.. malaking sindikato yan babanggain nila and they need all the help they can get..

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