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Duterte can Join Kim, Saddam, Charles and Robert Sanctioned by the U.S. for Human Rights Abuses

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Kim Jong-Un, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Charles Taylor of Liberia, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe with Kim as the latest addition to the group were snctioned by the United States for Human Rights abuses. President Rodrigo Duterte is likely to join this line up now that extra-judicial killings has escalated in the Philippines after he ordered the “shoot to kill” strategy to the policemen with bounties to as much as 5.5 million pesos.

Kim is blacklisted due to widespread abuses including extrajudicial killings, forced labor and torture that has made North Korea “among the world’s most repressive countries.” Harsh censorship of media was also added to his offenses. Duterte’s extra-judicial reputation even before he became president were already noted by the Americans and the United Nations at that during his stint as mayor of Davao. His indifference to the media also did not go unnoticed by these international bodies. He was even swearing them off when they commented on his bad attitude.

Duterte is also reimposing the capital punishment for heinous crimes despite not being successful yet in cleaning up it’s own system of government that can likely accuse innocent people of such crimes subjected to the death penalty verdict. It is evident that once again, history will repeat itself if the death penalty finds its way back to the country. The poor who cannot afford the high cost of litigation will end up in death row despite being innocent – instead of the real culprits who are more at an advantageous level in the society that we are in.


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