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Duterte Fights the Same Martial Law Enemies

martial law

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Tinig PH

President Duterte had Enough of the CPP-NPA!

Protecting the Country from the NPAs

President Rodrigo Duterte blatantly said recently that the CPP-NPA is not about ideology at all. They just want to destroy the government. Their intention is to replace it with their organization. This is why he decides to stop all peace talks with them. However, the Filipino leader offers a free Coronavirus vaccine to the insurgents if they return to the government’s side. The late President Ferdinand Marcos was right about martial law after all. It did save the country from the terrorists.

Tough but with a Good Heart

Both Duterte and Marcos are firm leaders but with a good heart. The last thing they want to do is to hurt a Filipino. They just cannot please everybody because no one could. If Marcos rescued his number one political enemy from death, Duterte is no different. Him offering vaccines and pardon those surrenderees shows his good intention. However, critics would always twist this around.

Rebels in the Government

The hardest thing that a leader could face is to tame the rebels in his own government. He identifies some law makers who are likely to support the NPAs. This is not about communism anymore. This is purely power grab. A drastic change may happen because the President already learned from Marcos’ experience. Could it be martial law or leadership change?

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