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Duterte Followed the Concept of America’s Importing Terrorism

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
You can never stop crimes and violence with another brutal and violent strategy. President Rodrigo Duterte seems to know that when he said that it’s the Americans who imported terrorism into their country when they went to war with Iraq while it was not necessary. The U.S. under George W. Bush gave an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to stop human rights violations with his own people – and yet Duterte is triggering civil war in the Philippines.

This war between his supporters and those who are anti extra judicial killings and against the death penalty that he is trying to re-impose are already evident in social media. The president’s campaign of eliminating alleged criminals who are involved in the illegal drugs trade was so brutal disrespecting the rights of the accused who just drop dead after cops went on shooting spree with his support without the presumption of innocence – just because according to the police, they tried to fight back endangering their lives but has not proven yet their vulnerability because of questionable recounts or settings described by witnesses.

Duterte’s element of pride would certainly lead into his demise like other great leaders in the past. It’s just a matter of time because when people are hurt, whether they are guilty or not – and the loved ones of the fatalities that resulted from his “shoot to kill” order, can be so hateful that could lead them into rebellion against the government and the society in general. The president should learn from America’s mistake and not deliberately follow them just because he has to deliver his promise to stop crimes between 3 to 6 months which everybody knows is impossible anyway.


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