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Duterte is not afraid of China because Nothing to be afraid of

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Yasay, the foreign affairs head might be very careful in answering questions from the media in fear that provocative statements can trigger China’s anger – but he is very firm in saying that Duterte is not afraid of China because there’s nothing to be afraid of.

He declined to say more. He just echoed President Rodrigo Duterte’s order not to say anything on the matter before the arbitration ruling is out which is on July 12, 2016. Is the Philippines afraid of China? then?; asked a journalist

Yasay answered, “Why should we be afraid of China? I mean, I do not see any reason why we should be afraid of China. Why do you think the Philippines should be afraid of China?” Afraid or not, Yasay said the Constitution had mandated a peaceful approach to resolving disputes with other countries; CNN Philippines reported.


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