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Duterte on ICC Scare: What is Trillanes’ Accomplishment?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Mix Updates PH

President Duterte’s answer to Trillanes’ ICC scare

ICC Does Not Read

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV earlier said that President Rodrigo Duterte should now be scared because of ICC’s action on his order – that the police can kill drug suspects. The Filipino leader calls Trillanes a dog shit. Besides the ICC does not read statements. He said that in line of duty, the policemen can kill to protect themselves. This is self-defense according to the law. The President stands by the authorities on casualties during police operations.

To Die for His Principles

Duterte also criticises Trillanes that he became Senator only when he joins a coup d’etat against the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Then, he surrenders just like that. Trillanes is such a coward, the President reiterates. As for him, he is willing to die for his principles.

The Accomplishment of Trillanes

President Duterte asked; What is Trillanes’ accomplishment as a Senator? Nothing, he said. All he did was to malign people for the benefit of his party. If ever he would run again this 2022 election, he would never win, the President swears. This is a very strong statement that follows after declaring that he would wash Leni Robredo’s dirty linen in public if she runs for President.

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