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Duterte’s Federalism Support Party is First to Endorse BBM for President


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Partido Federal ng Pilipinas
The Federal Party of the Philippines (PFP) formally endorsed Bongbong Marcos as their party’s Presidential bet in 2022. This was at their National Convention held in September 2021. The PFP is a party formed in support of Federalism promoted by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Public Service Mandate

Bongbong Marcos knows the mandate of the PFP. He hails them for being careful. Not to deal with any politicking. They are more into public service. And they do that quietly, he said. The party is confident with Marcos. It is a national group. Their youth associations are active. Visionary leaders are also ahead of the game.

No Politicking on BBM’s Endorsement

Any party can endorse a candidate for president. Despite his not being a member of the party. They wanted to nominate him as their presidential bet. However, they cannot do it because he doesn’t belong to the group officially. His positive aura and brilliance in whatever he does make him won the hearts of the people behind PDP. Thus, the endorsement.

1 thought on “Duterte’s Federalism Support Party is First to Endorse BBM for President

  1. Thank you so much PFP for endorsing BBM for President mabuhay ang PARTIDO FEDERAL NG PILIPINAS

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