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Eddie Garcia: Only Rebels can Experience ML Nightmare


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bagong Lipunan

The Rebels and the Law-abiding Citizens
The media sensationalizes the story of then CHR chair, Etta Rosales. It includes tortures. molestations, and other nightmares. These were allegedly committed by men in uniform. They were under the command of former President Fidel V. Ramos. But she demonizes ex-President Ferdinand Marcos. On the other hand, the late Eddie Garcia said, he and his friends did not experience such brutalities. It’s because they are good people. Only rebels can have problems, he added.

Conflicting Truths

Both personalities were existed during the martial law era. However, their views are conflicting. Rosales accuses Marcos of human rights violations. Whereas Garcia hails the peaceful regime. He said that he can go taping overnight with no problems. He just have to get a curfew pass.

Defeating Communism

The insurgents were rampant during the last term of the late President Ferdinand Maros. Rebels initiate series of bombings. Betrayal was the name of the game among politicians. It’s their way of surviving the political instability. The pro-Marcos said that the Philippines became safe from communism because of Martial Law. While the rebels insist that they must be paid for want they went through. So, take your pick on the most believable truth.

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