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Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia of Domino Data Lab Talks about Scaling Process

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Companies have been prioritizing setting up their processes in all aspects of their business – so that operations can continue despite unexpected employee turnover anytime especially when operations are at its peak. Service interruptions as we all know can cause money – so better be ready.

In the area of Data Sciences, there’s much need in scaling processes because aside from the importance of data collection, people should know the system to follow accurately to come up with the same results regardless of who’s doing it.

According to Partially Derivative: While on location at Domino Data Lab’s Data Science Pop-Up in Austin, we interviewed Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia about scaling the process of data science and the future of our profession. Eduardo is the VP of Product & Data Scientist in Residence at Domino Data Lab, and platform for data science collaboration. Listen to the podcast from the link below:


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