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Election Pulse: An Aquino Dangles in the Senatorial Race while the Marcoses Garner Victories


By: Elena Grace Flores
Bam Aquino can only urge his supporters to pray for him and the country for a miracle as he dangles in the 2019 election senatorial race. Meanwhile, Imee Marcos secures her spot in the middle of the magic 12 list. Her clan also leads key races in Ilocos Norte. Imee’s son Matthew Marcos Manotoc wins as governor after Cong. Rudy Fariñas backs out at the last minute. In the 2nd district, Marcos kin Eugenio Barba tops the congressional race. Michael Marcos Keon, also defeats re-electionist Chevylle Fariñas in the Laoag City mayoral race. No wonder, the Birthday video of Bongbong Marcos’ youngest son, Vincent looks like a victory party of the Marcos clan.

YouTube video by
Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Happy birthday, Vinny! | Bongbong Marcos

Bam Aquino Hopes for a Miracle

pposition reelectionist Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV on Friday, May 17, took to Facebook to address his supporters amid the canvassing of votes that shows him just outside the winning circle. “I wanted to make my first public statement after the counting finished, but since so many friends are asking how I am, I just want to tell everyone out there that I’m OK,” Aquino said in a post on his Facebook page with a photo of him with wife Timi.

The People has the Say

Then president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who swears to block the return of the Marcoses is Bam Aquino’s cousin. The time has come that the people becomes tired of the black media propaganda against the Marcoses. Their votes in favor of the Marcoses are their responses.

Aquino’s election Status

Aquino is in 14th place with 14,054,642 voters with 97.88% of the total votes counted in the partial unofficial count of the Commission on Elections.In the partial official count, which is tallied through the certificates of canvass (COCs), accounting for 74.97% of total votes, Aquino is at 12th spot with 11,001,047 votes. This was as of Thursday, May 16, with 129 out of 167 COCs tallied.

Binay Claim the 12th Spot

“Please continue praying for me; better yet, please continue praying for and loving our country,” Aquino said. Re-electionist Senator Nancy Binay is in 12th place, based on the unofficial results, while another reelectionist senator, JV Ejercito, is at 13th place. Binay already claimed victory on Thursday, May 16, citing her comfortable lead over 13th placer Ejercito.

Otso Diretso is a Failure

No one from Otso Diretso and other opposition groups managed to get into the winning circle. This election 2019 is the first time since 1938 that not a single opposition candidate won a seat in the Senate. Of the 8 Otso Diretso candidates, Aquino and Mar Roxas have not conceded. Roxas is in 16th place in both the official and unofficial counts.

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  1. These two (Bam Aquino,Mar Roxas) are still waiting for a miracle to come but it won’t. Accept defeat now because voters don’t like Otso deretso. As simple as that. Move on…

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