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Embassy Snobbed Pleas of OFWs in Jedah – No salary, No permit and No Safety

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Frederick Villar Francisco is now desperately trading his safety for the welfare of his family and fellow OFWs in Jedah who are suffering the same plight as him. They have not received their salary for the last four months and they have to keep on working discretely because of fear that if they go out of their quarters, they can be locked up in jail. Their employer, SAUDI OGER LTD. allowed their IQAMA ID. or RESIDENCE PERMIT to expire and given that they do not have a ticket and money to go back home, they are left with no choice but to stay in such horrendous situation.

Frederick has been reporting this incident to the Philippine Embassy in Jedah but to no avail. Although most of his colleagues are still hoping that they can get paid, Francisco is choosing to be with his loved ones once again than hope for the collectibles that might not be paid – even if it meant torture before deportation for him.

East West of Metropolitan Ave. in Brgy. San Antonio Makati City, Francisco’s local agency may contact Francis Francisco, Frederick’s brother to verify his case at 0949 683 9075. Social and Tri-Media friends are also welcome to check on Frederick via his Facebook account at (This initiative is supported by Makati Solid Binay by SAV Volunteers 2016:

Source: Frederick Villar Francisco

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