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This is How Rebellion has Tampered Education in the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

Recounts of a witness about Kabayan Party List’s Rebel Recruitment

Rebellion has Tampered Education

The witness narrates how a party-list member recruited him to join a rebel group from his university. Later on, he became a recruiter himself. Instilling hatred towards the government is common during meetings. Promises of financial support and education scholarships are also part of the process. These recruits never get to see the fulfillment of those offers. They end up dead in the mountains during encounters with the military.

Vulnerable Students

The youth from low-income families are prone to rebel recruiters. Those who have some misunderstandings with parents can easily be recruited, the witness said. He decided to surrender when he realized that the military in many instances did not hurt him. Instead, it’s the party list leaders who did not give the promised education scholarship of his recruits.

Enrile’s Wisdom

The former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile comments on Senator Ping Lacson’s plan to make red-tagging a crime. This is after Rep. Sarah Elago gets emotional upon knowing that she’s red-tagged as an NPA member and recruiter. She denies the allegation but some witnesses said otherwise. Enrile reacted that red-tagging can’t be a crime. If the accused thinks that the military made a mistake, then she can sue them for libel.

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Provoking China War Debate is Dividing the Nation

China War

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

Carpio Accepted Duterte’s Debate Challenge

Arbitral Ruling Only Paper, Might Provoke China War

Former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio is a big liar. He proudly accepts President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s debate challenge on the South China Sea dispute. However, he might act as a crusader against the Chinese superpower. But he also serves the interests of the US. As it announces its campaign to hinder the rise of China. No patriotism at all for the country. So, this brings logical Filipinos to think about the President’s intention. This is not to provoke the China war. Carpio uses the Arbitral ruling which no court can implement. America can only retaliate if China attacks the Philippines. They are not in a position to provide safety to the Filipinos. A war must ignite first that can lead to world war.

Resignation Dare

Carpio’s resignation call to the president says it all. His only priority is to unseat the people’s president. His political party never stops discrediting the Filipino leader. Unsuspecting Filipinos can immediately believe their cover-ups. The arbitral ruling propaganda does not come with reality on the ground. No recognition whatsoever. Besides, the country has no military force to let China bow down. If the Pnoy administration was so good at scaring China off, why are there Chinese vessels in the country’s territory? No mention at all of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’s military tactics that the Aquino regime did not continue. That surely made the bully behave.

Hiding President Marcos’s Efforts in Carpio’s Book

Carpio only devotes just one sentence to explain the very audacious move of Marcos that got Filipinos the properties in the South China Sea. He couldn’t even mention the word “Marcos” in one single sentence. Marcos’s operations from 1970 to take over all of the islands in the Spratlys are nowhere to be found. The late 1960s marked the peak of the Philippine Navy. It was the envy of the region. They had a Marine contingent, a naval construction battalion when they lay claim on seven islands in the South China Sea. Those forces disappear during the Liberal Party’s reign. Duterte took over rebuilding them. But Carpio’s lies slow him down.

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Duterte: Election Results Show that the Marcos Trauma by Black Propaganda is Gone


By: Elena Grace Flores

Millions of votes for Bongbong show Marcos trauma is gone—Duterte

No More Trauma

The more than 14 million votes of the vice-presidential candidate and former Senator Bongbong Marcos is an indication. It shows that there’s no longer trauma among Filipinos during the martial law years as per the black propaganda. President Rodrigo Duterte said this before. He also added that if there was no cheating in the 2016 elections, Marcos could likely win.

BBM is in the TOP Survey Despite PET Ruling

The PET decision may be a disappointment to the Marcos loyalists. However, this seems to add sentiments to the Presidential quest of Bongbong Marcos. He is always next to Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio in the survey. Should they run as a tandem, they are simply unbeatable.

Covid-19 Trauma and Bongbong Marcos

People do not think anymore of the Marcos trauma. Most of them, need a savior after the negative effects of Covid-19. Many believe that Bongbong Marcos is the only one who can implement the will and testament of his father. This is for the welfare of the Filipinos and the world.

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Ferdinand Marcos and the South China Sea Dispute

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores
by sirlester channel

The Strongest Nation in Asia

Ferdinand Marcos and his Military Force

The late President Ferdinand Marcos did not get the name strong man for nothing. Philippines was perceived to be the strongest nation in Asia. This is contrary to its status at present. The South China Sea dispute goes a long way because the country cannot show strenght in the armed forces.

In Line with Japan

Marcos and the armed forces continued to enhance their skills and armaments. This is by air, land, and sea. Their capability was in line with Japan. Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio demonizing China as a bully in the South China Sea demonstrates his intellectual dishonesty. He devotes just one sentence to explain the very significant move of Marcos that got for us our properties in the South China Sea.

The Great Promise

Marcos decided to formalize the country’s hold on the Spratlys in 1978. That was the year when the Southeast Asia Mineral Company finished its oceanographic survey. It rendered a report to Malacañang concluding that the area “possessed great promise.” Currently, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte balances its dealings with China. He considers the fact that the Marcos era was gone. That’s why he is bringing back the new Ferdinand Marcos through his son, Bongbong.

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Doubting the Marcos-Duterte Alliance? Look at Imee and Sara


By: Elena Grace Flores
by PolitikoTV Channel

Senator Imee Marcos Teams Up with Mayor Sara Duterte

Marcos and Duterte Alliance

Political maneuvers may be rampant online. But one thing is certain. Senator Imee Marcos and Davao Mayor Sara Duterte are always together. This is something that the mainstream media do not feature. However, things like these can never escape social media. That’s what freedom of information is all about. The alliance between the two families is burning like fire!

Powerful Women

They say that behind a successful man is a powerful woman. Such as the Marcos-Duterte alliance. Their goal in 2016 remains the same. They just play the game of politics. In the end, they would do their purpose of making the Philippines great again. Investments are obvious for this connection. Although its nature is always for the benefit of the Filipino majority. So, people must look at the actions. Not what the propaganda says. This is the kind of wisdom that voters must have for 2022.

Political Strategies

The alliance is not concern about who’s running President or Vice President. But the end goal is to put Bongbong Marcos into the presidency. Whatever it takes. They have the statistics and in touch with people’s sentiments. Definitely wiser this time. They will be very hard to beat. That’s for sure.

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Bongbong Marcos on Shortage of Nurses during the Pandemic


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

COVID19: The Philippines is Short of Nurses

Ratio of Nurses versus Patients

International standard says that the ratio of patients and nurses should be at least 4:1. However, in the Philippines, the current ratio during the pandemic is 60:1. This is despite the fact that there are 65,000 registered nurses in the country. Many went overseas to work. Bongbong Marcos urges the nursing regulatory board to fast-track the qualification of the newly grads so that the May and November passers can start serving the medical sector.

Filipino Nurses are in Demand

Filipino nurses are sought-after anywhere in the world. This is not just because of their technical skills. But most of all because of their compassion towards their patients. Such is a nature of the people in the country. Most Filipinos take care of their loved ones during sickness. A very noble trait indeed.

Regulatory Solutions

Marcos calls on the nursing regulatory board to perhaps combine the accreditation of the May passers with the November ones. It is crucial that they can already work the earliest this year. This is the same as what the pharmaceutical and Med-Tech sectors are doing. We should immediately find ways to get more man-power on board at this time of urgent need.

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Despite the Injustice, BBM Remains Hopeful for 2022 Election


By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

Bongbong Marcos will not fail his 14 million voters

BBM Sad but Hopeful

Bongbong Marcos is sad that his electoral protest was over even before he can present evidence. This is for the massive fraud in Mindanao. Despite the injustice, he is still hopeful that he can win the coming election in 2022. BBM won’t fail his solid 14 million voters and the new ones. However, Robredo’s camp still continues to issue comments that are obviously for mind-conditioning purposes.

No Fake Voters in Mindanao?

The election protest of former Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan against House Deputy Speaker Mujiv Hataman who were both running for the ARMM governor was dismissed due to mootness. Nevertheless, the Comelec reports that the signatures of on the voting forms did not correspond to their owners. There’s definitely cheating on this regard, said BBM.

Slim Lead can Make BBM VP

The report of the Comelec is crucial to Marcos’ claim. It is that fraud tainted the elections in the provinces of Lanao del Sur, Basilan, and Maguindanao. He wants the PET to proceed to his third cause of action. This is seeking to annul the elections in these areas. Terrorism, intimidation, harassment of voters, and pre-shading of ballots were some of the issues. Robredo obtained 497,985 votes in these areas. Marcos is certain that if these votes were to be annulled, Robredo’s lead of 263,473 votes could easily be wiped out.

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Ferdinand Marcos’s Way: Marriage May Not be Perfect but He Surely Knew how to Love his Wife!

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Arlie Intano

FEM’s Way of Loving

Ferdinand Marcos Said it in a Song

Former President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady, Imelda Marcos wed on May 1, 1954. This year is their 67th wedding anniversary. Many video clips show how the late leader woes his wife. He always expresses his love for her in a song. Many women can only imagine their husbands doing it for them. But sad to say, not many men have the same charm, confidence, and loving ways as Marcos.

Complimenting Her Youthful Glow

To encourage a woman to preserve her beauty must be through kind words. Complimenting instead of criticizing. Being proud of one’s better half can be uplifting. This would motivate spouses to take care of themselves. Marcos is a role model of men in this aspect. The way he treated his wife overwhelmed people then and now. Thus, overcoming some stories of infidelities popularized by the mainstream media.

A Peculiar Gift from Heaven

The wife is a gift from heaven. Marcos believed in this. He did not only adore her looks but acknowledged her youthful glow every time there’s an opportunity in public. He also did not forget to mention how briliant she is in whatever projects she laid her hands on. Praising the wife always can only make her feel special.

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Why is it going to be Marcos-Duterte in the 2022 Election?

2022 Election

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Marcos-Duterte is Unbeatable in the 2022 Election

The Second Try in the 2022 Election

Since the 2016 elections, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Bongbong Marcos emerged as the People’s leaders. However, Marcos’ votes fell short for the Vice Presidency. Duterte got a landslide. However, Duterte’s plan to give way to Marcos did not happen. BBM’s electoral protest was junked. Thia is without the chance to present evidence. Therefore, it is obvious that the original plan will have a second try this 2022 election.

Duterte’s Freedom of Information Act

Duterte signed Executive Order No. 02. This is also known as the Freedom of Information (FOI) Program, on July 23, 2016, in Davao City. The executive order established the first freedom of information (FOI) Program in the Philippines. It covers all government offices under the Executive Branch. Then, the truth about the late President Ferdinand Marcos resurfaces. Social media overtakes the mainstream media. Many Filipinos became aware of Dilawan’s anti-Marcos black media propaganda. Thus, disclosing the Final Will and Testament of the late President Marcos in favor of the Filipinos and the world.

The True Hero for Maharlika

Despite the efforts online of the Marcos detractors, Marcos and Duterte remain allies. Senator Imee Marcos is always with Sara-Duterte Carpio. Sara said that she would not run for President but maybe Vice President. BBM also reiterates that he will not run opposing the Mayor. Although he will run either President or Vice President. Maharlika which is the original Philippines is now aware that the true hero is Ferdinand Marcos. The only hope right now is for his namesake to be President. Then, the country would be great again.

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The Filipino Culture During the Pandemic According to BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Bayanihan Spirit is Alive All These Times

The Filipino Culture

The culture of Filipinos is naturally Helpful. This can be seen in the Bayanihan Spirit according to BBM. Bongbong Marcos always uplifts the character, talents, and capabilities of his fellowmen. Very inspirational indeed especially during the pandemic. He even calls on politicians to stop politicizing the community pantries. We should always be grateful wherever they come from. So, going forward let’s help according to what we can afford. And take only what we need.

PPES and Community Pantry

Bongbong Marcos is thankful to the sponsors of the PPES for our medical staff. They must have ample protection as they save lives every day. Community pantry organizers should also feel the support of the authorities. There’s no point politicizing them. May they come from the left, right, up, or down. They deserve gratefulness for their deeds. Therefore, those personalities criticizing them are really not Filipinos. There’s just no place for negativity at this time.

No Votes for Negative Politicians

Marcos reminds Filipinos to be observant of the character of a candidate. This is for the election in 2022. The helpful nature must be there. They do not need to be critical of others. Good leaders deserve the people’s voice without making negative comments. The behavior counts more than ever in today’s politics. Remember that it is not a Filipino culture to criticize helpful deeds. The noisy ones do not deserve these votes. Look at the heart for a change. To unite is better than to fight. Let’s go back to basics when choosing leaders. It might actually help. People may be so fed-up that Marcos remains the only feasible presidential candidate as of the time of writing. At least among the ones who express their intention to run for a position.

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Duterte-Marcos Alliance Unstoppable for Economic Recovery


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Economic Recovery Assure with the Duterte-Marcos Alliance

Recovery is the Name of the Game

The Philippine recovery after the pandemic can be uncertain there’s no unity. This is the reason why many online players are desperate to destroy the Duterte-Marcos Alliance. However, this is not something that rumors can break. Just know the origin of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Build Build Build project. Considerably, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ initiative. The yellow past presidents did make the project stop. Former President Erap Estrada almost got it. At last, it is President Duterte’s political will that weather the storm. So, their alliance is more than most people can think of. It’s with but an ultimate purpose for the sake of the Filipinos.

Trust the Leaders

No loyalists can go against the principles of the their leaders. How can one blame the government that their leader supports? They must have a hidden agenda. Therefore, it is always safe to listen to official announcements before making accusations. Afterall, it is not the call of the supporters but of the candidate.

No Better Choice is 2022

Bongbong Marcos’ time for the presidency is really in 2022. The effects of the pandemic are devastating worldwide. His father’s humanity WILL – can only be beneficial with a very strong leader who knows it more than anyone else. He’s the son of the visionary waiting for his turn. Others might not know his capabilities but the situation left them with no choice. He is bound to be the leader whom Filipinos are desperately waiting for, whether they like it or not!