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This is How Rebellion has Tampered Education in the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

Recounts of a witness about Kabayan Party List’s Rebel Recruitment

Rebellion has Tampered Education

The witness narrates how a party-list member recruited him to join a rebel group from his university. Later on, he became a recruiter himself. Instilling hatred towards the government is common during meetings. Promises of financial support and education scholarships are also part of the process. These recruits never get to see the fulfillment of those offers. They end up dead in the mountains during encounters with the military.

Vulnerable Students

The youth from low-income families are prone to rebel recruiters. Those who have some misunderstandings with parents can easily be recruited, the witness said. He decided to surrender when he realized that the military in many instances did not hurt him. Instead, it’s the party list leaders who did not give the promised education scholarship of his recruits.

Enrile’s Wisdom

The former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile comments on Senator Ping Lacson’s plan to make red-tagging a crime. This is after Rep. Sarah Elago gets emotional upon knowing that she’s red-tagged as an NPA member and recruiter. She denies the allegation but some witnesses said otherwise. Enrile reacted that red-tagging can’t be a crime. If the accused thinks that the military made a mistake, then she can sue them for libel.

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Bongbong Marcos Relies on Filipino Wisdom Amidst SONA Media Blockage


By: Elena Grace Flores
by PweDelie TV

Bongbong Marcos Relies on Filipino Wisdom
Many Filipinos are actually clueless about how witty Bongbong Marcos is if not because of social media. Media blockage is evident in the mainstream to deny Marcos of his chance to be president someday. His interviews during the 2016 elections start to resurface. Filipinos quickly realize that he’s indeed the right leader for the country. That President Rodrigo Roa did not make a mistake to work with him despite not winning the Vice Presidency as per his SONA.

Special Mention at the SONA

The president vehemently said during the SONA that Bongbong Marcos and he will continue public services through relevant infrastructures. The Filipino leader hints at the Build Build Build project that follows the Marcos blueprint. Besides, the funding is also secured through the financial system that the late President Ferdinand Marcos put in place for the Filipino people.

Filipino Sentiments after the SONA

Filipinos have mixed sentiments after the president’s SONA. This is why Bongbong Marcos calls for unity. He begs to hear the people’s voices. That has nothing to do with martial law propaganda at all. Many still rally behind him because of the injustices given to his father. Here’s the son. He’s still around. Give him the support that his father did not have despite being a true patriot, he said.

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Bongbong Marcos Vows to Improve the Spillway and Batasan Plans

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos explains the Paranaque Spillway Plan
In the 1970 series of typhoons, the late President Ferdinand Marcos installs systems to prevent a recurrence of the devastating floods. He aims to avoid urban sprawl and builds a system of sluice gates and spillways. This is to quickly divert floodwaters from the city. Therefore, the country needs Bongbong Marcos to realize the visions of his father for the Filipinos.

Urban Planning

Urban planner, Felino Palafox helps design the flood-control projects and policies in the 1970s for President Marcos. It would largely prevent the devastation of a Typhoon Ondoy-like calamity. It struck Manila on Sept. 26, 2009. The ill-effects last for months in the form of disease and mass dislocation of Manila’s unfortunate ones. So, Bongbong Marcos vows to continue and improve such initiatives.

Imelda Marcos’ Batasan Project

On the other hand, Bongbong Marcos also added his mother’s Batasan Project. The aim is to have a center for government services. The location is safe from floods. The site is also at the center of Quezon City. Thus, making it accessible to government employees and the public alike. A visionary leader is therefore what the Philippines need.

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If Robredo has NO Decent Funds to Run against Bongbong Marcos, Who Would?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by ANC 24/7

Robredo has no decent funds to run as president for 2022
The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo said in an interview that she has no decent funds to run as president. That’s why she leaves the option open to run for Mayor in Camarines Sur. However, as the leader of the opposition, she conducts an exploratory survey for their party’s presidential bet. Her popularity rating remains low. Very far from the 2016 arch-rival Bongbong Marcos. Therefore, they need a popular one like Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. At least, among showbiz fanatics.

Robredo Looks Bad in Surveys

Many people wonder why Robredo’s rating remains low in surveys. Presidential daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and Marcos are the frontrunners of the presidential surveys. She can’t even beat the younger possible bets for the 2022 Vice Presidential race. Her rating is just 7%. If she really won the vice presidential race against Marcos in 2016, she should be at least in line with Marcos’ popularity right now. So, speculations loom over social media that perhaps they were really massive cheatings in 2016. Therefore, most people vow to correct it in the 2022 elections.

Robredo is No Match with Marcos

Even the opposition stalwarts admit that their electoral machinery is now very weak. Let alone their current reputation. Perhaps, the people are already awake from the propaganda dream they launched against the Marcoses. The death of Noynoy Aquino was also another blow to their party. It also did not help that she continuously annoys the president who vehemently prepares for the return of a Marcos in the presidency.

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Marcos Wealth is already Put to Use by the Duterte Administration

Marcos wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

President Duterte Stops the Marcos Wealth Court Cases
Senator Imee Marcos is grateful to President Rodrigo Duterte for putting a stop to the more than 3 decades of Marcos wealth court cases. The PCGG cannot provide evidence that they are ill-gotten wealth. In fact, the lack of accountability made the debunk agency the robber of some of the country’s inheritance.

Not to Return but to Transfer

President Duterte is furious with the PCGG for just sequestering and selling the personal possessions of the Marcoses. They do not even know if the owners of the Marcos wealth found are really the Marcoses or the Filipino people. Duterte said that the Marcoses are willing to transfer everything to the country. After all, this is what the late President Ferdinand Marcos wants as per his last will and testament.

Only Most Filipinos Do Not Know about the Marcos Wealth

The Marcoses do not or cannot hold Marcos wealth for themselves. They are fully documented by international Financial bodies. Also, they are the wealth for humanity currently earning huge interests from 170 countries. The country needs Bongbong Marcos to make its transfer a priority. Currently, the Philippines enjoy an almost 0 percent interest for loans from the World Bank.

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Build Build Build: Cory Refused Marcos’ Gold Reserves But NOT Duterte

Build Build Build project

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bagong Lipunan

Duterte Follows the Blue Print of Marcos’ Build Build Build
The return of Marcos’ wealth to the country has two meanings. The late President Ferdinand Marcos meant the transfer. Whereas his detractors perceive it as the payback for his alleged loots. However, they can never nail down the Marcoses after more than 30 years. So, President Rodrigo Duterte takes the initiative to make use of the gold reserves as what Marcos intended them to be. Build Build Build project is an example.

Doy Laurel’s Testimony in a Book

From Doy Laurel’s Neither Trumpets Nor Drums book, at pp 104-111, 1986 ed, Second printing: “Let us give national reconciliation and national stability every chance to succeed for the sake of our fragmented people,” Marcos plead. I never received any further reply from Cory, Laurel said. Cory’s refusal to receive Marcos’ message was perhaps her biggest mistake. Had she studied it carefully, she could have settled the Marcos wealth issue eight years ago. Perhaps we could have paid off our foreign debt, Cory’s Vice President added.

Infrastructure Financial Facility

Arguments as to where the funding of the Build Build Build project comes from looms. One thing is for sure, it follows Marcos’ national infrastructure strategy. There’s evidence that it also makes use of the public financial system set up by the late president with the World Bank is evident. Contractors and consultants get their checks from the ADB. The Asian Development Bank works with the World Bank to support third world countries with infrastructure projects for the benefit of the people. Given that the Philippines enjoy an almost zero percent interest, proves that the country’s gold reserves deposited by Marcos are intact.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Call for 2022 Presidential Race after a Painful Loss

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Where are Bongbong Marcos’ Votes in 2016?
It was a big thing in social media when Bongbong Marcos lost to Robredo with a very slim margin. Many asked where their votes were. INC voters in particular made an official inquiry. This was in the areas of Basilan, Magindanao and Lanao del Sur.

Comelec Confers Cheating in Mindanao

The late Sixto Brilliantes testifies that Comelec itself confers that the voters in the said precincts in Mindanao were fake. 80% of the signatures did not match in the ARMM region. Massive substituted voting per se. The Comelec and the NBI did the technical examination. This was necessary during the local protest of former Sulu governor Abdusakur Tan vs. ARMM Gov. Mujiv Hataman.

Bongbong Marcos’ Call for 2022 Elections

The Comelec finding in Mindanao can greatly affect the results of the Bongbong Marcos’ 2016 Vice Presidential protest. Robredo’s margin of 266,000 votes can easily vanish. This is if its annulment pushes through. However, the PET decides otherwise. Marcos’ 3rd course of action was set aside. All evidence of fraud is only kept out of the limelight. A very painful experience for Marcos. Therefore, he urges people to show their real sentiments in the next election.

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Truth is Clearer as Sandigan Junks More Ill-Gotten Wealth Cases vs. Marcoses

Ill-Gotten Wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

New Ill-Gotten Wealth Cases Junked by the Sandiganbayan
The Sandiganbayan dismisses a complaint from 34 years ago by the PCGG. This was against late businessman Ricardo Silverio Sr. and Pablo Carlos Jr., former First Lady Imelda Marcos, and the late former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. These are a few of those many cases filed to accuse Marcos of ill-gotten wealth during the Aquino administration. Lack of evidence is the usual reason. However, the proofs of Marcos’s gold for humanity are intact.

Legality of the Marcos Gold

The PCGG sequesters the personal possessions of the Marcoses only. They cannot get hold of the Marcos gold because they are fully documented. Their release can only be facilitated by Congress to release them from the hands of trustees. However, if the government works with the heirs, the funds for infrastructures and other public projects come in handy. Such as the case of Duterte’s Build Build Build initiative.

The Marcos Gold is not I-ll Gotten Wealth

The Marcos Gold consolidates the country’s wealth. FEM himself acquires a substantial amount prior to become president. Others are Philippine treasures. But they do not belong to the Marcoses. The Marcos Humanitarian Foundation holds them. Sanctions of the Central Bank and the World Bank are in place. Their security was the top priority of the late President Marcos. So, he secures their use for the people. Therefore, they are safe from notable opportunists.

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Who Benefits from a Scary Mindanao that Aims to Destroy the Marcos-Duterte Populist Agenda?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Marcos-Duterte Populist Agenda
President Rodrigo Duterte and Bongbong Marcos are both populist leaders. Naturally, they do things for the welfare of the people. Both are anti-oligarchy. The oligarchs are foreign opportunists. They control nations using the current financial system. But the same capitalists consume natural resources for their own advantage. Also, they support communism, use mainstream media, and launch terrorist activities. These drive away investors. Just like what happens in Mindanao. So, the Marcos-Duterte agenda aims to change that. Therefore, unity is a must.

The Change from Oligarchy to Maharlika System

The Marcos-Duterte agenda now starts to work for the people. The Build Build Build project is the proof for this. The Marcos monetary facility with the World Bank is in use. These infrastructures are meant to improve the lives of Filipinos. But the alliance should excel in the 2022 elections. This comes in handy now that most Filipinos already know the truth about the Marcoses. So, another Marcos can be president soon.

Who Benefits from a Scary Mindanao?

Insurgents in Mindanao may exist. But only in a few remote areas. The mainstream media escalates the news. They make Mindanao sound dangerous. Therefore, Filipino tycoons stay away from it. But the foreign opportunists enjoy their profits. Mining activities continue. This is amidst the pandemic. And the greed of foreigners remains. So, the locals risk their lives. Filipinos must stand for Mindanao. The Marcos-Duterte tandem is the key. Let’s have another Marcos for president.

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This is How they Bully Imelda Marcos at the Senate to Disregard FEM’s Last Will & Testament

Imelda Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by AP Archive

The Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos
The Filipinos are wondering why the Senate never went through the last will and testament of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. This is despite the fact that Former First Lady Imelda Marcos begs the body to hear it out. She stressed that releasing the Marcos deposits from the hands of the trustees can alleviate the lives of the poor who are suffering from poverty.

Daily Inquirer Interview

However. the senators during the hearing were only interested in the gossips from the Daily Inquirer. She invoked her right to remain silent. The alleged Christine Herrera interview had Duavit’s and Lucio Tan’s names on it. They were really pushing for the first name of Duavit. The name of Eduardo Cojuangco was also mentioned. But Marcos was too smart to stick to her counsel’s advice and refused their bullying in tears.

The Marcos Humanitarian Foundation

The Marcos gold is real. It is under the Marcos Humanitarian Foundation. They do not belong to the Marcoses. Congress must pass a law that could facilitate its release from the hands of the trustees. Imelda Marcos may be quiet now but she has it in her prayers that she would see her plea realized when her son, Bongbong Marcos becomes president in 2022 for the sake of the people.

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Who can Implement the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos for the people?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

The Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos
Former First Lady Imelda Marcos tries to live longer than she could. She said, this is because of her late husband’s will and testament. She wants to see her son, Bongbong Marcos in the presidency. It’s because only another Ferdinand Marcos can implement it. Let alone prioritize it for the sake of the Filipino people.

Marcos Family’s Inheritance

It is a misconception that the Marcoses own the Marcos gold. The former president Ferdinand Marcos was transparent enough to say that he will only retain 10% of his worldly possessions for his family. The rest was set up for the benefit of the Filipinos under the Marcos foundation. Now that the gold earns a substantial amount from 170 countries, his vision for the world to take part can really happen through the wealth for humanity.

Wealth for Humanity

No one can dispute Imelda Marcos of the 240 Billion Dollars worth of bill of lading as proof for the Marcos gold. The last will and testament of Ferdinand Marcos are also in place. The dream of the former first lady can happen in 2022. Another Ferdinand Marcos is about to become president if all factions are united. That way, its implementation is already a sure ball. It’s only the son who has the heart to prioritize his father’s will. There’s no more excuse if the heir and president push it through Congress.