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Enrile: EDSA was Right but the People it Brought to Power are the Wrong Ones


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile made it clear that the EDSA revolution was the right thing to do at that time to preserve peace. The late President Ferdinand E. Marcos also complied with his suggestion by stepping down. The Aquinos were not there so they do not know what they’re saying. Only Butch Aquino was there during Martial Law.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Anti-Marcos burial protests at the People Power Monument in EDSA on Wednesday, November 30. Millennials dominate the rally alongside prominent activists during the Marcos era.

Activists Winnie Monsod and Jimmy Paredes should Shut Up

Enrile’s message to the youth who are supporting activists, Winnie Monsod and Jimmy Paredes is to shut up. They do not know what they’re saying. It was the Aquinos who are leading the country into despair. They tainted the Edsa spirit by

Anti-Marcos are Idiots

Enrile calls the anti-Marcos supporters idiots. They do not know the fact that they are still enjoying the works of the late president Marcos. They are accusing them of the wrong accusations. Corruption and negligence in governance must be directed to the Aquinos and not to the Marcoses.

Hoax Military Abuses

Military abuses may have happened but not to the extent of what the Liberal Party is portraying. Protesters better file cases first if they really have a Martial Law case than make unnecessary demonstrations that won’t help them.

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The Purpose of Edsa is not Implemented

The governments after the Edsa revolution did not serve the purposed why it was staged. They should have performed better than Marcos but they are even not at par. They are noted as “palpak” or failed governments.

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