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Enrile: Filipinos, Whatever you’re Enjoying Today are Products of Marcos during Martial Law

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile was there during the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ era since 1966. He was vital in his administration and disclosing everything now that his life is ripe. He said that whatever Filipinos are enjoying today are the works of Marcos during the Martial Law period.

Youtube video by; Government of the Philippines
[VIDEO]: Para sa Walang Alam!Tunay na Kahulugan ng MARTIAL LAW, Isiniwalat ni Sen. Enrile!

Two Magna Cum Laude of UP Studied Martial Law

Martial Law was not proclaimed by Ferdinand E. Marcos by himself. It went into a lenghty process. It was well studied and recommended by Senator Enrile himself. It put order into the country and minimized troubles through discipline.

Enrile Instrumental in Edsa

Why would one of the main organizers of the Edsa revolution in the person of Enrile side Marcos himself? Enrile attested that even if Marcos did all the right moves, the people are in chaos over the death of Ninoy Aquino, and it was essential for the late president to step down to pacify the people.

The Liberal Party

If Enrile had an hindsight before, he will not hesitate to arrest all the Liberal Party members. He already know now that they are the culprits. During Marcos’ time, they did not know who the enemies were. Enrile’ life was also threatened many times. He did not stage an ambush. It was real!

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Supported by Most Filipinos

Martial Law, according to Enrile was initially supported by the majority of the Filipinos. It solved the corruption problem. Put order into the country through discipline. The lands were reformed, infrastructure projects were facilitated efficiently. It was in fact, Marcos’ self sacrifice because he has turned his back to the elite. All for the welfare of the Filipino masses.

1 thought on “Enrile: Filipinos, Whatever you’re Enjoying Today are Products of Marcos during Martial Law

  1. that is true marcos sacrifice his self for the sake of pilipino.. sayang na sayang ..ang ibang pilipino hudas pinagpalit si marcos sa mga aquino. hope isa sa mga marcos maging presedente muli kahit na hindi si bongbong isa sa mga anak ni bong bong ang babangong sa mga marcos ..but mas maganda kung umpisahan na ni bongbong pag ka vice president ni duterte.

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