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Enrile Nailed Evidence of Demolition Job Against Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No one could have guessed how the supposed to be last senate hearing that was publicized to be the event that would nail Vice President Jejomar Binay into the corruption allegations thrown at him by the Blue Ribbon Committee would end up cleariing him with such caucus. Enrile concluded that “the final hearing highlighted the fact that the resource persons, particularly Bondal and Mercado, have no personal knowledge whatsoever of the issues on which they had testified.” Therefore, they are merely hearsay evidences that would not stand in any court – but only tolerated by Senator Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel to desperately demolish Binay’s chances of becoming president during the upcoming 2016 presidential election.

Now that the plot to discredit the Vice President is now clearer than ever, it is sad to say, that some media are also taking part of the said demolition job particularly Inquirer. The strategy uses public “mind conditioning” through make up stories created by the Inquirer, used as materials for the televized senate hearings – then echoed by other media using “alleged” wording to protect themselves from libel. This word is used when the reporter do not have personal knowledge on the stories told – or not verified by the team of the network. When disputed, they can easily vouch that they are just relating the stories told by the Inquirer.

Many negative things are said and done to Vice President Binay – and when it’s true that “the truth will set him free”, what could be the punishment for the Blue Ribbon Senators who abused their power for their own interests? Wasting the people’s time, money and neglecting their real jobs. Unseat them? Prosecute them? However, knowing Vice President Jejomar Binay, who vowed to be a unifying president, for sure they will be forgiven. This will be a good thing because when you do not hurt back your enemies, “peace” will prevail and we need that for nation building.
Image Source: The Daily Tribune

2 thoughts on “Enrile Nailed Evidence of Demolition Job Against Binay

    1. We will definitely vote for Binay and Bongbong! GOD bless the Phils.!

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