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Enrile’s Turn Over of Ferdinand Marcos’ Diaries to Son Signifies that It’s Time to Lead


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile remains the keeper of the truth about the late President Ferdinand Marcos whose reputation is tarnished by black media propaganda. The Press people who fail to research deeper cannot understand why he was a major player in the EDSA event. The constant use of the words; loot, corruption, ill-gotten wealth, martial law abuses, disappearance, tortures, and others clouded Marcos’ leadership. Now that Enrile hands over Marcos’ diaries to his son, Bongbong Marcos, it signifies that he’ll soon lead. It, however, comes with a warning about the leftists and Liberal Party crusaders.

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[VIDEO]: Enrile Pinatahimik ang mga Anti-Marcos!

Misleading Headlines

Most local and international media bear misleading titles when it comes to the late Ferdinand Marcos. The title dictator alone does not exist in a democratic country. They keep on repeating that Marcos reportedly amassed a fortune of $5-10 billion, despite earning an official annual salary of just $13,500. The former First Lady’s 1,220 pairs of shoes become the symbol of the family’s alleged kleptocracy and crass extravagance in contrast with the extreme poverty in the country. The family has always denied any wrongdoing. The Marcoses’ claims are consistent with legal records. Marcos was already wealthy before he became president. His wife also supported the Marikina shoe trade that is now dead because of the wrong news.

Destabilization Efforts via the Media

An extract of Marcos’ diaries reads:

…Freddie Elizalde showed me a copy of an editorial which Chino Roces wanted to be pooled by all the newspapers castigating me and asking for my resignatio and that of the cabinet. For good measure the editorial included the Vice-President. It was opposed by Freddie and Ugarte. And Teddy Locsin opposed the demand for resignation.

What a ridiculous spectacle Chino Roces is making of himself. He is supposed to have said that I engineered the drivers strike and am leading to a declaration of martial law as there will be violence tomorrow and in the days to come, and he predicted that at least ten men would be killed tomorrow…

…The timetable is being pushed too fast by the leftists. It may be earlier than we think.

Liberal Party Uses the Media

Another extract emphasizes the involvement of the LP just like today;

…The Liberals have taken out a full page advertisement on martial law declaring they would not attend sessions if martial law is declared.

I have had to reiterate my stand that martial law is the last recourse -that I would resort to it only if there are massive sabotage, terrorism, assassination and a violent grab for control of government…

Bongbong Marcos to Lead against Communism

Former President Marcos really saves the country from Communism:

“there is bound to be an inevitable confrontation between the communists and our democracy in the military front,” I have always said…

…The communists gamble that the Republic will be too weak by then as they will have sapped our vitality…

…I have also said that if we do not now take measures of self-preservation, this will come about.

My democratic revolution will rally the great majority of our people around our republic…

So if there is going to be an inevitable collision, then perhaps we should induce it now while communists are weak and disorganized.


The will of the late President is about to happen with his family now gaining a political stronghold in the country. Bongbong Marcos’ protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is to be resolved through a recount.

From the diaries of Ferdinand E. Marcos

5 thoughts on “Enrile’s Turn Over of Ferdinand Marcos’ Diaries to Son Signifies that It’s Time to Lead

  1. And the yellows cry REVISIONISM! Thank you, Senator Enrile for sharing your “treasures”!

  2. Yes , thank you veru much Senator Enrile. You are of help to open this diary is important for the mind of the people especially those who were in doubts about the truth. We have enough from the liberals and other their allies destroying the country after all people ‘s difficulties as scarcity of food, clothing and cannot pay college schools. We could imagine how people suffers after the late Pres. F.E. Marcos . Thank you very much we have now Pres. Duterte that could help transform from bad to good and safer for the people to live. Yes..the recount of BBM ‘s votes must be done. We are thankful that is niw open for the public to read . L. Robredo’s vp sit is fake yet if a person is honest , let not withold the recount , nothing to be afraid of.

  3. Thank you senator for sharing the diary of former president Marcos it is your treasure that you share to open up our mind and for the Filipino people.

  4. Panahon na para malaman ng mga pilipino kung ano ang totoo at para na rin sa mga masyadong napaniwala ng mga aquino ito na ang daan para malinawan ang kanilang mga isip..salamat sen. Enrile at pinili mo ng pumanig muli sa tama..mabuhay ka pa nawa ng matagal para makapaglingkod ka pa sa future good administration of bongbong marcos

  5. The catholic church fooled the people led by its Sinful bishop jaime sin. The Bible scripture aptly applies the truth shall set us free.This diary is the evidence. The liberals will lose their faces to to the mud!

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