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Estafa and Qualified Theft Explained

By: Elena Grace Flores

Fraud #12
Fraud #12 (Photo credit: McBeth)

As investment scams are becoming rampant, the legal terms estafa and qualified theft are also becoming popular. What’s the difference between these two cases? It is wise to know the rule of law so that you know what to do if fraud or theft happens to you. Watch this video:

[NewsLife] – Rule of Law: Difference of estafa and qualified theft

Posted at Youtube by: PTV PH

Briefly, estafa is committed when there’s a misappropriation with arrangements made thus resulting to the possession of money or property – whereas it’s qualified theft when the property was possessed without the owner’s consent. It’s also good to know that there’s also a way of recovering some of the lost finances due to estafa. Hope this helps.

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