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Even a Tough Guy is Susceptible to Suicide during the Pandemic


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by One News PH

NBI probes death of its counter-terrorism chief

Suicide can Happen due to Depression

Depression is rampant during the pandemic. Even a tough guy can commit suicide. Especially when he or she suffers from an underlying disease. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) counterterrorism chief Raoul Manguerra died after he sustains a gunshot wound inside his office in Manila. He was alone, said his comrades. His family also confirms that he suffers from colon cancer.

NBI Mourns

The NBI currently investigates his death. According to the MPD, its team can’t enter Manguerra’s office. They intend to conduct its own investigation. The NBI places its headquarters on “lockdown” for its probe. It is also mourning the death of Manguerra.

Condolences to the Family

While in deep mourning, the NBI also condoles the family. People must understand that depression is a medical condition. Unhappines, anxiety, and restlessness are common symptoms. It is best to watch loved ones’ behavior during the pandemic. Consult a psychiatrist immediately when there’s sleeping difficulty. Cut the stigma. You might save a life!

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