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Experiencing a No Rice Diet

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
When I was in Thailand for 15 long years, I seldom eat rice because it’s not the culture of Thais to eat rice like Filipinos do. They’re more into noodles, fresh fruits and vegetables. No wonder, I never gained weight during that long span of time. As you can probably attest, many Thais are skinny if not sexy and seems like they do not have to prioritize getting a Blue Cross Shield Health Insurance! The big challenge is when I returned home to the Philippines. Eating full meals 3 times a day with rice just overwhelmed me – until I can now see my big stomach and thighs right before my very eyes! It is also difficult to move around with a heavier body. So, I decided to change my diet to the same thing I had before when I was in Thailand. The no rice diet.

I did not know that it’s very difficult to implement it because you can always smell the home cooked meals your family shared in a daily basis. Then I moved to my sister’s apartment to live alone for a while when I’m still determined to stick on my Thai-style meals. Actually, I was scared to destroy any of my vital organs due to eating the wrong foods. It’s not like we can just go for Motor Replacements!.It is in fact easier to eat these healthier selections independently on my own. However, I have to eat something every 2 hours to pacify my cravings and probably the almost empty stomach? I can’t say that I’m hungry – probably feeling lighter or emptier than before.

The papaya salad with chilli sauce wrapped with fresh cabbage leaf was always filling and tasty to the month. I can now understand why it helps to eat hot food because it will discourage you from eating more after satisfying your taste buds and stomach. The boiled camote or sweet potato dipped in salt with a little bit of vegetable oil is also one of my favorites. Organic fresh lettuce salad with salted egg is also hilarious. Just add some fresh white onions to give it a kick. Any kind of fruits and peanuts are also good to nibble on to forget eating heavy meals.

I guess, I can say that I’m quite successful in my quest to lose weight – but my only problem is, my teeth started to get hurt due perhaps to the consistent chewing. Ahhh… good thing I invented a home remedy for toothache using water, salt and cayenne red pepper – because, I’m now eating like a bird I definitely need an enhanced Dental Coverage in my Health Insurance. Not sure if the Blue Cross Shield Health Insurance is a good choice!

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