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Facebook Uncertainty Looms as President Du30 Gives Ultimatum


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Manila Bulletin Online

Duterte threatens to stop Facebook operations in PH after shutdown of gov’t ‘advocacy’ pages

Support Government Advocacy or Stop

Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte expresses his dismay over Facebook’s removal of the government’s official pages. These contain the administration’s advocacies. The blocking of the anti-terrorism campaign was unacceptable. This incident follows after the massive deactivations of the pro-government pages. So, if FB cannot support the welfare of the Filipinos, why stay in the country? President Duterte asks presses for answers over his public speech.

Too Leftist

There’s definitely truth in the President’s observation. He stresses that Facebook is too leftist. Many people ask this over and over again online. They seem to favor the anti-administration stalwarts. FB is hot on accounts that support the Du30 administration. They need to talk, said the Filipino leader. Facebook cannot continue to be a biased social media platform. The move is crucial for the 2022 national elections. It should be a venue for open but respectful discussions. Therefore, Facebook must be neutral among others.

Life After Facebook

The President does not know how life would be after Facebook is gone. The presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque seems cool about it. He said that they will just transfer to other social media platforms. As the Facebook capital of the world, this could be a big loss for the social media giant. Since it is already part of most Filipinos’ day, that might also feel strange. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. That is if national security is at risk.

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