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Fearless Prediction?: Lakas-CMD’s Proclamation of Sara Duterte as VP Bet and BBM as Adopted Presidential Bet


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Sara Duterte joins Arroyo’s Lakas-CMD

An Insider’s Note or Fearless Prediction?

In this website comment, Mario Rosauro Ferraren from PFP in alliance with PDP-Laban and District 2 Board Member of Misamis Occidental wrote: Lakas-CMD will proclaim SARA as their VP bet and officially declare BBM as their adopted presidential bet. This is not a mere prediction but a wise analysis of an insider.

Marcos-Duterte Alliance Objectives

The objectives are 1) to render the opposition politically inconsequential, 2) to signal the next admin’s pursuit of a two-party system under a federal form of government where only PFP and Lakas will have the numbers in the next Congress, and 3) to unit the Filipino nation with a clear and overwhelming majority President in 50 years.

Dancing in the Streets

This likely scenario is providential. There will be dancing in the streets worldwide and sooner, a redistribution of wealth across the entire nation. Finally, the real landowners in Mindanao and elsewhere could already come home. The Marcos land reform system works better for both the landlords and tenants. Poverty will be a thing of the past.

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