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Ferdinand Marcos and the South China Sea Dispute

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores
by sirlester channel

The Strongest Nation in Asia

Ferdinand Marcos and his Military Force

The late President Ferdinand Marcos did not get the name strong man for nothing. Philippines was perceived to be the strongest nation in Asia. This is contrary to its status at present. The South China Sea dispute goes a long way because the country cannot show strenght in the armed forces.

In Line with Japan

Marcos and the armed forces continued to enhance their skills and armaments. This is by air, land, and sea. Their capability was in line with Japan. Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio demonizing China as a bully in the South China Sea demonstrates his intellectual dishonesty. He devotes just one sentence to explain the very significant move of Marcos that got for us our properties in the South China Sea.

The Great Promise

Marcos decided to formalize the country’s hold on the Spratlys in 1978. That was the year when the Southeast Asia Mineral Company finished its oceanographic survey. It rendered a report to Malacañang concluding that the area “possessed great promise.” Currently, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte balances its dealings with China. He considers the fact that the Marcos era was gone. That’s why he is bringing back the new Ferdinand Marcos through his son, Bongbong.

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