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Filipino Evacuees from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship in Japan Arrived in the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

The 309 Filipinos landed at the Haribon Hangar of the Clark Airbase in Pampanga 10:15 p.m., Tuesday. They were aboard Philippine Airlines chartered flight. They all tested negative for coronavirus infection before boarding the plane and leaving Haneda Airport. The second batch consisting of at least 140 Filipinos who departed an hour later arrived shortly before midnight. This brings the total to 451 evacuees to return to the country.

YouTube video by CNN Philippines
Over 400 Filipinos from cruise ship in Japan to arrived

80 were Positive

70 Filipinos who have fallen ill to the coronavirus disease did not make it home yet. In total, 80 Filipinos board the Diamond Princess tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Ten of them have recovered and given a clean bill of health. They made it to the repatriation, the DFA said.

More Tests

The evacuees underwent screening for flu-like symptoms before landing at Clark. Those who manifest signs of respiratory illness were subject to isolation. One area in the aircraft was designated for this before they are taken to a hospital for treatment.

Mandatory Local Quarantine Period for Coronavirus

The remaining evacuees are now in a 14-day quarantine at the New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac. This is part of the government policy. The medical and response teams, crew members, and other personnel who accompanied the Filipinos from Japan are not exempted from this.

Status in the Philippines

In the Philippines, three Chinese nationals who are all from Wuhan have been infected with the Novel Coronavirus. One of them died. The remaining two recovered and already left the country. A total of 516 individuals have tested negative for the virus who came in contact with them. The government awaits 44 more lab results.

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