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Filipino Prince on Sochi Ice Skating Ground

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s no boundaries for Filipino talents. They continue to excel even in sports not totally embraced or even not regularly practiced in their own country. Philippines is a tropical country and ice on ground are seldom seen unless they are generated artificially. Many years back, SM Malls were promoting ice skating facilities and even if they were popular, they were on and off. However  after Michael Christian Martinez’s first performance in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia – they will surely be getting bigger and better! It will not be a surprise that SM’s Forex index will be stronger because of this:

Pinoy Pride: Martinez qualifies for medal round with impressive Olympic debut


Looking like a young prince in his costume, Martinez, 17, wowed the crowd and left the TV announcers thrilled no end with his “stunning routine” while performing through the song entitled “Romeo and Juliet” of Arthur Fiedler.

Some ice skating technical experts may say that Christian needs to do quadruple jumps to get a medal – but general viewers can’t actually see any flaws in his routine. His initial show down in the eyes of many Filipinos was perfect and even surpassed expectations. His moment at Sochi Olympics’s first try out belong to people who were watching him admiringly and most of them were in tears! It feels like getting listed again in the Forex Exchange market.

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