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Filipino Reputation Abroad 2013


By: Elena Grace Flores

photograph of students from Lamitan City
photograph of students from Lamitan City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Filipinos are always noted to be good singers, speak better English than other Asians, hard working, hospitable, family oriented and happy – but how are they perceived as tourists of other countries? This article may not be true to all but I find this as an honest opinion of someone who knew or observed Filipinos well. This can also be taken as negative criticism but if we want to improve as a race, we better pay attention to these kinds of comments:

Why Filipino tourists are most likely to get bad reputations abroad

By: FallenAngel

Traveling for leisure is indeed a luxury, but to me it is an investment that is just as valuable or perhaps even more than the latest hi-tech gadgets or the latest line of designer clothes available. While gadgets and clothes are subject to trends such as obsolescence and the changing of consumer preferences and trends, I believe travel is not. Travel has been an enriching experience, as it gives me perspective and insight into other cultures and patterns of thinking different from my own, and it allows me to experience things I would never have seen staying here.

There’s a lot of rooms for improvement as far as the nature of Filipino tourists are concerned but we can’t also deny that other nationalities also share some of these negative behaviors. Nevertheless, before we can raise the approval rating of Philippines as a country, we should work on our individual actions first to at least contribute in our own special way! Media and Promotional Campaigns by the government can only work if the things being promised in the advertisements are genuinely experienced by the viewers including its own citizens. Let’s take this as a chance to better ourselves at home before we spread our wings to other territories.


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