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Filipinos are Challenged with Self-Discipline to Avoid Lockdown


By: Elena Grace Flores

Duterte: Return to lockdown a possibility if new COVID variant spreads in PH

Self-Discipline or Lockdown?

Many people are furious of Health Secretary Francisco Duque’s take. He said that a travel ban is necessary only when there’s community infection already. His comment comes as the new coronavirus variant hits the UK and Europe. However, the President warns Filipinos that to reimpose strict lockdown measures is “a possibility.” He also admits that some of his PSG men already got the vaccine.

Self Isolation is Better than Lockdown

The festivities of the holidays tempt Filipinos to gather together. However, these close-knit events with family and friends are the culprits for the infection surge overseas. They are immediately put into an emergency lockdown. So, voluntary self isolation is ideal. This way, the people can take turns in doing errands. Thus, avoiding crowds. Wise discretion is a must.

Covid-19 Vaccines with EUA

There are reports that some frontliners already had vaccines. The President admits this. These products have emergency use permit. The EUA is from their original country,” said Interior Secretary Eduardo Año. So, the government does not require FDA certificate for these volunteers. It’s import may also follow an emergency protocol. Besides, there’s no law that goes against suicide. If they are willing, that should not complicate things, Año implied. To justify import laws for prevention is understandable.

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