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Filipinos Don’t Want Marcos’ Gold Before He Became President


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Why would the Filipinos be interested in the wealth of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos before he became president? He was one of the richest men in the world prior to the presidency. His family and wife former First Lady Imelda Marcos had the right to live in style because they can afford and have earned it. The Filipinos live well during their time even if government budget then were lower than the Aquino and Ramos’ administrations because they have shared their wealth. The tons of gold acquired when he became president are still under the watch of the World bank and IMF. They are documented by the Central Bank of the Philippines for the welfare of the people.

Youtube video by; Roy Navigator
[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos – wife of the now-late former Philippines President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos – shows a $987,000,000,000 billion Brussels, Belgium bank Certificate of Deposit ( CD ) naming Ferdinand Marcos for the interviewer after being shown her fine art collecion of wealth assets in her penthouse.

Marcos was a Gold Trader before becoming President

Robert Sison, Mrs. Marcos’ lawyer refers to the Marcos wealth as being “confiscated” rather than recovered by the commission, insisting there is no legal basis to take any of the assets. “The Philippine government has no right to question why Mrs. Marcos had this art,” Mr, Sison said. “Ferdinand Marcos was a gold trader before he became president, and he made his money then.” Mr. Sison also pointed out that, despite numerous cases being filed against the family, no-one has been successfully prosecuted.

Liberal Party’s Stand

Senators Leila De Lima and Francis Pangilinan both cited Republic Act 10368 or the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013, which allocates some P10 billion, sourced mainly from the Marcoses’ deposits in Swiss banks to about 10,000 human rights victims. If the state passed such a law, then it only goes to show that the government acknowledged the atrocities of the past, said the two senators. With this, De Lima suggested that victims file an “injunctive class suit.”

The Philippines cannot be rich without Marcos

The Philippines have rich natural resources including gold. As a country or economy, it cannot be rich without the brilliance of a Marcos. The late Marcos made it in the world’s richest men list because of his trading and management skills. He was aware that the treasure found when he was already president will be corrupted if not properly safeguarded. When his presidency was threatened, he resorted to shipping them out to more than 200 countries and keep only the bill of ladings with his widow. Documented them at Central Bank if the Philippines for the welfare of the Filipino people and registered under the World Bank and IMF as the wealth for humanity.

Marcos’ Explanation rejected by Cory Aquino

While the late Marcos was in exile in Hawaii, he wanted to return to the Philippines to explain the alleged hidden wealth. President Aquino did not allow him to do so until he died. The German signatory of the deposited wealth is now posting documentations and evidence via social media to make the Filipinos aware the real score about Marcos’ wealth preserved for the benefits of the citizens of the Philippines.

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