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My ForeigNoy Search at Eat Bulaga

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
My ForeigNoy is a contest among Foreigners with Filipino heart showing their cultural Filipino talents. One test is the Tagalog speaking and reading. On top of that, they are asked to show either their dance or singing talent with Filipino music or accompaniment of course. This might be very entertaining but of course one way of preserving the Filipino culture:

YOU’RE MY FOREIGNOY – EAT BULAGA – FEBRUARY 11, 2014 (Pls click to watch the video)

Posted at Youtube by: DASHTRUDER KAPUSO

Cultural Exchanges which is also accepted in Nunavut culture are rampant especially during the internet age – where people can already hook up with their target hosts abroad. This might not be always successful but with the numerous contestants that Eat Bulaga easily recruited for their daily show, I think ForeignNoy will come a long way. Not just on TV but also in real life!

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