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Former NPA: Marcos is Not the Abuser but FVR – Martial Law is Needed to Instill Discipline

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Cabinet Secretary and NDF Vice Chairman Leoncio Evasco Jr.’s “Kilusang Pagbabago”, the communist coalition is said to be mobilizing an assembly to “Occupy Rizal Park” on February 25. At Quirino Grandstand, Duterte supporters are also eager to show off their number on Feb 25 and 26. There seems to be a battle between the Martial Law sympathizers and the Revolutionary activists. Let’s take it from the confession of former NPA on which is better.

Youtube video by; Jazzer musiko
[VIDEO]: A former NPA Reveals the truth about Martial Law and EDSA 1

Discipline is Needed for the Country’s Progress

The NPA’s rebellion in the past becomes the reason for the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos to declare Martial Law. However, not all of them hate Marcos. When they are arrested, it is not Marcos who allows abuses on them but the Philippine Constabulary chief, FVR or former president Fidel V. Ramos. Besides as a narco-country, police and military visibility is crucial to prevent crimes.

It’s all About Money for the Liberal Party

The former NPA in the video interview attests that they were only about 7,200 rebels during the martial law regime. He explains that the insurgents and the soldiers can’t be called victims when they are harmed during attacks. The victims are the collateral damage which should not surpass the number of NPAs. It is not logical that there are more than 100,000 claimants as Martial Law victims. When the Aquino government announces that compensations are allocated to alleged victims of abuses during the military rule, it is but natural that people who are desperate for money would also file for their claim.

LP Can’t Afford to let the Truth be Known about Martial Law

It is understandable that FVR and the Liberal Party people are very noisy about celebrating the EDSA People’s Power revolution in an extravagant way like how it is during the Aquino days. The present government opted for a smaller celebration at Camp Aguinaldo. This angers the yellow faction because if the people come to realize that it is not Marcos who is the culprit as what they are made to believe, compensations to alleged Martial Law victims, PCGG loots from the Marcoses, and funds from the oligarchs would surely diminish.

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Martial Law or Revolutionary Rule?

At the rate it is going, Martial Law seems to be the flavor of the month. The president for one won’t hesitate to declare Martial Law if needed. His more than 16 million avid supporters and the golden era people plus the mindful millennials are also for it. In fact, it’s only the Liberal Party people and the criminals who are scared of Martial Law. They are mostly the ones who cry for democracy but support the revolutionary movements with or without knowledge of it.

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