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Franchise Presentation Hiccup: This Doesn’t Look Good for DITO!


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Pro Philippines

DITO Franchise Presentation Hiccup

The Franchise Senate Committee was NOT Impressed

Senator Grace Poe can’t help but warn DITO executives. The technical glitches and delay of transmissions are a turn-off. This is for the Senators present during the franchise Senate presentation. Imagine online spectators. Some just shared the contradictory image without watching the video.

Technical Glitches or Slow Internet?

First, the technical presenter was not able to connect. Then, they moved to the second part where the video visuals did not work but the audio played on.

Benefit of the Doubt

It was not clear if the DITO people used their own connection during the presentation. Since their infrastructure is not yet here in the Philippines, it’s more likely that they used one of the existing internets. Perhaps, they were overseas. Despite that, this still does not look good for them. They should have anticipated the problems and have at least a back-up plan.

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