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Freedom of Speech?: Ferdinand Marcos’ Humor in Answering Intimidating Questions about the US, Others

Freedom of Speech

By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; Bagong Lipunan

[VIDEO]:Mayor Sara Duterte at Presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos, nagkita sa birthday celebration ni Cong. Romualdez sa Cebu

The US’ Defending the Philippines

The US Bases in the Philippines cannot be defended by the Americans after the Pearl Harbor attack. Why should people expect that they can be reliable in the next war? The late President Ferdinand Marcos admits that he also wants to know the answer to that. He then added that if the Americans would run away from the Philippines, they should let the country know immediately. There’s freedom of speech for sure but frankness seems lacking.

Figures on Philippine Malnutrition

Another question was malicious enough. President Marcos even quips that they must like them that much to ask the questions that way. It’s about the nation’s alleged widespread malnutrition. Despite the way the Marcoses and their friends live. And only one-third of the country got regular employment. The Filipino leader just could not believe where they got their figures. But he said that the employment figure of the Philippines is 4%. Too much freedom of speech generates false information.

Believe in your Mother

Marcos challenges the audience to try him in the ring if they have doubts about his health. Besides, he did not know that he was born during a thunderstorm. But his mother said so. If you don’t believe your own mother, who can you believe? The humorous Filipino asked causing laughter in the room. Marcos is certainly not the dictator figure that his detractors project him to be. Filipinos definitely have freedom of speech during his reign.

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