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Frozen na Binisaya ha ha

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What is life without humor? This is just for fun guys! The famous Frozen repertoire in this video is translated into the Visayan vernacular mixed with English terms just to suite the rhyme of the song. Cute, funny and interesting work of art. Hopefully not a copyright offense. Anyhow, just for your viewing pleasure….

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman (gusto ba ka muhimo’g Suman)

Posted at Youtube by: moOdy bRunO

The movie Frozen is really a hit because it’s very inspiring. People from different cultures can relate to this fantasy-like scenario because it is very close to reality. A very beautiful escape for those people who are living in dreams – and wanted their real life to change for the better. Since dreams are for free, do it to make you feel better but just don’t stop there. The beauty is in the struggle so strive hard for a better life!

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2 thoughts on “Frozen na Binisaya ha ha

  1. gitira jud mi og copywrite hahaha pero gibalik man sa youtube after 2 months ata of hiatus. =) thanks for the repost here. Naa pud tubag si Elsa ani og isa pa katong nagkita na sila (promote jud no?) Naa pa unta mi isa “Pichi-pichi” wala na namo gidayon =)
    Thanks again.

  2. *copyright diay toinks

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