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Fundraising for a cause?: Couple came up with Free Crowdfunding Site for Honeymoon

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Now Mr. and Mrs. Robert van Haaren are already offering a free crowdfunding website for anyone to raise funds on whatever advocacy you are into, free of charge. What started like a personal campaign for their honeymoon now became a very useful tool for the public. Listen to this InnovaBuzz Podcast and see how they’ve done it using this readily available internet technology. Click this link to access:

If you think it’s not worth paying a cent to promote and collect funds for  your charity fundraising then Coverrme Crowdfunding Platform is all you need. It is admirable how young technology genius can spend a lot of time  into perfecting this project and then share it to other online users without prioritizing profits on their hard work.

In this podcast, Rob shared his experience starting from finding a reasonable crowdfunding platform in terms of fee for their services to creating his own free system, with his wife’s help of course.


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