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Future Total Performer in Michael Christian Martinez

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Charisma can win the crowd over technicalities. Although Michael Christian Martinez started like a rocket during his second stint – vying to make it through getting a place in the Finals, he had a shaky jump prompted his hand to position towards the floor. This is the main reason for theĀ  score deductions. However, his determination, grace and skill not to mention the impressive flexibility drove him to still manage a great finale. Hold your breath while watching this because Christian would definitely need a good private health insurance:

Michael Christian Martinez – Olympic Free Skating Finalist – New

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Someday, Michael Christian Martinez will not only become an ice skating champion but he’ll soon be the future total performer in this arena. He does not need to go to some Online Colleges to perfect his act – because he already have brilliant coaches and mentors. He definitely need however a comprehensive private health insurance. Kidding aside, his heartfelt performance alone already sets him apart from the rest. He is already a winner for this very special award. The Darling of the Crowd! All Filipinos should be proud for his very exceptional achievements!

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