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Gadon: NAIA’s Change of Name Snubbed by Congress but Now at SC


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by SMNI News Channel

Atty. Gadon: NAIA is named after a traitor

NAIA Name was Done Illegally

Atty. Larry Gadon explains the necessity of changing the name of NAIA back to MIA. He said that the late Senator Ninoy Aquino is not a hero. In fact, he’s a traitor. He submitted a petition earlier to Congress but it was snubbed. Now, he is trying his luck at the Supreme Court.

Ninoy Aquino is Not a Hero

Gadon added that it is absurd to name the Manila airport to Ninoy Aquino. His betrayal costs the late President Ferdinand Marcos to lose Sabah. He is a convict for rebellion. He’s the mastermind of the CPP-NPA merger.

Political Advantage

Despite the reason for the hardships of Filipinos today, the Aquino regime still can glorify their family name because they changed Marcos’ projects to their name. Cory Aquino privatized public services like Meralco. Therefore, people are paying high rates of electricity now, explained Gadon.

2 thoughts on “Gadon: NAIA’s Change of Name Snubbed by Congress but Now at SC

  1. It is a pity how justice is derived in our country. They prioritize politics first before anything!

  2. I Agree to Mr.Gadon he’s telling the truth about Aquino,he’s the traitor not a Hero,Marcos is our Hero.

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