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Gadon on Mayor Sara’s Substitution: What you See is What you Get!

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores

The Character of Mayor Sara According to Gadon
Atty. Larry Gadon who runs for Senator under the banner of Bongbong Marcos’ PFP has this to say on Mayor Sara’s possible substitution with Senator Bato dela Rosa. Her character is what you see is what you get, he said. The mayor is always true to her words. She never intends to run as president. Although she jokes at one time that she might go for the VP post. Bato can never get the voters of Marcos. Instead, he can garner the Duterte voters who are anti-Marcos.

No Substitution

The law states that a substitution can happen only when the candidates are in the same party. Although there’s no rule that a new member can’t do the job, it is still against the principle of Mayor Sara. She already said that she has no intention to be a member of the PDP-Laban now and in the future. Although this can change if President Duterte cannot do the original plan himself for some unthinkable and emotional reason.

Alliance with Bongbong Marcos

Since 2016, Mayor Sara is already in alliance with the Marcoses through Senator Imee Marcos. It turns out that she can disappoint her many supporters but not the Marcos agenda. She remains true to the alliance despite the pressure. This is why the loyalists are grateful to her for being firm in such hard to make decisions.

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