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Gadon on Stealing Credits: Who was the Real Thief? Marcos or Aquino?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]:Broadcasters defend Marcos. They enumerate Cory Aquino’s wrong doings that made the lives of Filipinos difficult.

Stealing Credits: Renaming MIA to NAIA

In 1981, Terminal 1 was built. It was named Manila International Airport (MIA). The old terminal is now the new international airport. Then, it was renamed to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on August 17, 1987. This is by virtue of Republic Act No. 6639 under the late president Cory Aquino. Since Ninoy is not a hero, his widow’s effort was just political. An act of stealing credits. Therefore, online protests to bring back its original name are ongoing.

Pilipinas Gas Sold and Meralco Privatized

Pilipinas Gas was installed by former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. This was to lower the prices of petroleum gas and oil. The branch controlled the market retail rate of these products. All for the welfare of the Filipinos. Aquino Sold it. Then, she also privatized Meralco. It was a public company. People received rebates through electricity bill reduction before. Now, the energy rates are rising at their peak. Little can be done about it now. So, it adds to the hardships of the people. This is definitely more than just stealing credits.

Rizal Museum Renamed Ninoy Aquino Museum

Ninoy Aquino is not like the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. He can never be a hero. In fact, he escaped the death penalty before his assassination because of Marcos. A traitor at that. He was also the go-between for the CPP-NPA union. Rizal took a bullet to enlighten Filipino. To at least realize that to defend the country against the oppressors is worth it. Aquino’s death is rumored to be staged by his own family. Perhaps to gain the edge over Marcos. Then to topple him. The greatest leader the Filipinos ever have was ridiculed. Until social media becomes the avenue for the truth to resurface from various testimonies. Nonetheless, the opposition labeled them as revisionism. Thus, dividing the people. The fooled versus the informed ones. Those who grab credits just can’t turn their backs from the propaganda they made. So, know the truth.

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