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Gary Vaynerchuk – Turning Family Business into Multi Million Dollar Earner

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ever since childhood, Gary Vaynerchuk was selling baseball just for the love of it. Then he mastered the arts of selling and turned the family’s three-million-dollar liquor store business into a 60-million-dollar wine shop. On top of that, he owns a social/digital agency with 600 staff — plus doing investment funding transactions and still not stopping there. Find out how he did that.

Gary’s future was further directed when his father, unable to continue a career in construction because of a fortuitous housing market collapse, was forced to become a stock boy in a liquor store in New Jersey — which eventually led to business ownership that Gary would successfully build upon. It may not have been the path he would have chosen, but he worked with the tools he was given and it gave him the opportunity to launch into the various ventures he pursues today. Click here for the full Podcast:

As per The Art of Charm: “I talk about how much I hate complainers,” says Gary, “and I think it stems from the fact that I don’t think people understand how good we have it. You could talk about the shrinking middle class, which is real. I hate the separation of wealth in the US; I do think it’s too disproportionate. There’s plenty of racism. There’s sexism. There’s a lot of crap, right? A ton. Unlimited amount. Greed. There’s enormous crap. By comparison to the rest of the world’s crap, it’s remarkable.”


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