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Gender Equality for the recent International Day of the Girl Child?

gender equality

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Yesterday was the International Day of the Girl Child. Countries around the globe celebrates this to be aware of gender equality because of the many inequalities happening everywhere.

[VIDEO]: Review of equality images for girls and boys – because all girls deserve equal access to healthcare, education and basic human needs including work benefits as adult women later on.

Gender Equality

It is evident that some women are also doing men’s jobs. But how far can this gender equality go? Would it be widely accepted now that men stay  home while their wives are bringing home the bacon? That should be choices individuals or couples to decide upon.

School Drop Outs

In Sub-Saharan Africa girls drop out of school more than boys, according to Plan, and researchers want governments to change the way they gather data and pay more attention to the reasons why this happens in order to fight gender inequality.  Statistics on the under-15s tend not to differentiate between boys and girls, and this keeps the specific needs of young girls in the shadows, according to Plan International’s CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen.

More Girls Drop Out of School

“Whether it’s poverty that forces the girl out of school or marriage, is inconclusive, but it’s clear that a combination of the prevalence of early marriage and poverty has a devastating impact on girls being able to complete secondary education,” Albrectsen says.

Prone to Prostitution

Due to a lack of job opportunities for young women without an education, some young girls in Zimbabwe have turned to prostitution.

UN’s Move

The UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals include targets for improving gender equality, and Plan’s report is a wake-up call to governments trying to bridge the gender gap.

UNICEF Report on Gender Equality

This gap goes beyond education. The day-to-day realities of young boys and girls can be very different even within the family, according to a recent UNICEF report, with gender roles forming already early on and young girls bearing the greater burden of household chores. From the start, there are already loopholes in gender equality. Just need to clarify which practices become problems and which ones are appropriate.

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